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You find my tools here.

Over time I realized that I do no longer know where I wrote my own tutorial or collected brilliant tutorials from other quilters.

Everything is gathered on this page - just click on it!

 Topic  my tutorials  link to other tutorials
 Accuquilt  Ukraine 23
 Ebony Love
 Ebonys Videos
 Alzheimer Quilt  Alzheimer Quilt  Alzheimer Quilt
 Applique  Method prepared edge
 Heat'n Bond
 Regina Grewe
 Batting  -  We all sew
 Binding  -  Pirate Rodgers
 Annelie Spahn
 Bionic Gear Bag  Bionic Gear Bag - tutorial
 Bionic Gear Bag BIG
 Birds in the Air /
 Birds in the Air  -
 Blooming 9 patch  Blooming 9-patch  -
 Colour Crush  Urban meets masculin
 Color Crash
 Convergence quilts  Sky snippets  Ricky Tims
 Delectable Mountains /
 Half Rectangle-Triangle
 Buzz Saw  -
 Double Irish Chain  Ayubowan Summer  -
 Double Wedding Ring  Double Wedding Ring  Ebony Love
 Kaye Wood
 Sharlene Jorgenson
 English Paper Piecing /
 -  Flossie Teacakes
 English Paper Piecing /
 Papier-pieces to order
 -  Paperpieces
 Facing with straight edges  -  Victoria Gertenbach
 Facing with curved edges  Double Wedding Ring  
 Foundation Paper Piecing  Farmer's Wife  Christina Clark
 Freemotion quilting  -  Regina Grewe
 Ulla Zipperer
 Ivory Spring
 Christina Cameli
 Fusible Web  -  Sweet briar sisters
 Handpiecing  Handpiecing  
 Handquilting Amish style  -  Gunhild Becker
 Esther Miller
 Hanging Sleeve   -  Elaine Theriault
 How to make a quilt -
 from start to finish
 Floating Icebergs  -
 How to prewash fabric  Tablerunner  Carole
 Kaye Woods Video
 How to wash a quilt  How to wash a quilt  Save my bleeding quilt
 Leaders and Enders   Ukraine 1  Katrina
 Lunch bag  Lunch bag  Stephi
 Quilt as you go  -  Jan Ebbot MacFadyen 1
 Jan Ebbot MacFadyen 2
 Christina Cameli
 Quilter's Grid  The Castle of Marburg
 Quiltpatterns  -  Quilt Patterns
 Patterns from history
 Silkquilt  Silkquilt  -
 Spiderweb  Spiderweb  Spiderweb
 Stack'n slash  Ice and snow  -
 Stitch-and-flip  Ukraine 13
 Ukraine 18
 String-quilt /
 Ukraine 22  -
 Take photos of your quilt  -  Ebony Love 1
 Ebony Love 2




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