Tutorial for Appliqué - prepared edge

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This is my method to make prepared-edge-Appliqué-blocks.

If I find a better way after several blocks, I'll post an update.

From now on I sew as usual, like with needleturn.

Sure, it's not yet as good and invisible as I want them to be. But this is just the second block I made with that method. I'll get there!

The finished blocks are here.




ok, after several blocks I learned several things:

- 3 Freezer Papers are too much. 1 is not enough, I always folded the paper during ironing.  2 papers is the best for me.

- I copy the pattern onto the dull side of the paper (shiny side down). I iron the 2nd paper on top of that dull side. That way I still can see the pattern and cut it out and the pen will never get in touch with the fabric. It's much easier to write on the dull side.

- During cutting the Freezer Paper it's better to cut more than not enough. The fabric will cover small uneven parts.

- Don't cut outer curves, only inner curves.

- During ironing you can use a stiletto or a Olfa-hera-marker.



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18 blocks A-G                   method prepared edge

7 blocks A-G                     method Heat'n Bond Lite

the rest of the blocks A-G method needleturn

The blocks H-N                method needleturn

The blocks O-S                 method needleturn

The blocks T-Z and the rest    method needleturn

The finished quilt



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