The blocks - Method needleturn

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Regina Grewe suggested to sew half of the blocks in reversed colours. Great idea! When they are done I can arrange them as a chessboard without sashing. It will be stunning!

I made 27 blocks so far. So now I have to sew 27 blocks in blue. After that I can alternate the blocks. Sounds easy.
But: the blue indigo-fabric is rather thick (that means very bulky at the corners) and very loosely woven. It frays easily.
Oh Dear. So my first blocks (after the two whites above) will be made under difficult conditions - complicated patterns and thick fraying fabric.
When I'm finished I should really know how to do needleturn!



Dutch Treat - what's that?

an update concerning needleturn

Tutorial for prepared edge

18 blocks A-G                   method prepared edge

7 blocks A-G                     method Heat'n Bond Lite

The blocks H-N                method needleturn

The blocks O-S                 method needleturn

The blocks T-Z and the rest    method needleturn

The finished quilt



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  • Pieksdi
    at 20.12.2019
    You are on the way - definitely!!
    Good girl keep on going!

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