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Ok - I surrendered.

I know the Millefiori quilts for a long time, especially the famous Passacaglia.
So far I have resisted - but I just need a project on the way! Handpiecing is still on my 'I have to pracise more' list, but one weekend I found too many photos of Millefiori-quilts at Pinterest.
So I will sew one after all. But which one?
The problem is getting the book, the acrylic stencils and the papers. Almost all of the online-shops don't have them 'right now' or are incredibly expensive.
I found what I was looking for at Karen Tripp. She offers everything and ships to Germany at very reasonable prices (although my package has been at customs for a week now, let's see when they release it).

There are 3 books by Willyne Hammerstein, Karen offers 6 quilts of the 3 books as a package (book, templates, papers). And there are lots of tips for the Millefiori quilts and lots of videos on her site. Perfect!

La Tarantella appealed to me the most.

And the fabrics? Much more difficult to choose than the quilt! Pinterest offers really endless inspiration. While browsing, I also came across the video of the Quiltshow with Diane Kirkhart.

Diane - apart from being an artist herself - works parttime for Jinny Beyer and has sewn her award-winning Passacaglia entirely from Jinny Beyer fabrics. I like her colours very much - but I don't want to copy the quilt and searched for other colours.

Blue, lime green and a muted watermelon red. Where do I get the fabrics from?  Now, of course, I'm hooked: preferably by Jinny Beyer.
And again - I can't find a supplier in Germany who stocks all Jinny Beyer fabrics. If at all, then at most 8 different ones. But I need more shades!

Order directly from Jinny? The fabric is actually cheap compared to buying here, 11.50 dollars at most, some are cheaper. 45 Dollar shipping sounds like a lot. But it is not if I compare the costs overall with the amount of fabric I actually get. I am - before customs - at a meter price of 13.50 euros including shipping. To buy here in Germany would be more expensive.

So let's do it!  I put together an order with 31 fabrics, some of them as border-print. There are two great videos by Jinny: here und here, where she shows detailled how to cut fuzzy-cut parts out of border-prints. At least for some circles I want to try that, I've never done it before.

Then I asked Jinny Beyer to please have Diane check my order - if possible - and say whether the selection is suitable for a Millefiori-quilt. And indeed, Diane answered immediately! We had a long mail exchange, she pulled the fabrics of my order, consulted with her colleagues, advised against some fabrics and suggested others. In the end we had a total of 29 fabrics together, mostly only 0.25m. I took more of the 4 border-prints.
And now I sit impatiently here and wait for book and fabrics!


The book is here! Complete with paper-pieces and acryl-templates. Karen Tripp at thediyaddict did a great job - 2.931 paper-pieces and 7 acryl-templates, both in a very good quality.

Actually now I'm scared - some of the shapes are veeeery tiny!

These are the general informations in the book, I think I can reveal that much without causing copyright problems:


One day after the book Jinny Beyer's fabric arrived, one is more beautiful then the next:



Finally I could start! Here are photos of the construction of the rosettes and Fuzzy Cutting.

the rosettes and here the finished quilt!




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