The rosettes

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The 10-pointed rosettes:


The easy rosettes:


When I've finished these easy center-rosettes, it's time to get serious - the rosettes get bigger! The basic principle is the same as with Passacaglia, star-pieces and outer ring (even if the center is different). I found a template in the internet and uploaded it to Photoshop. Now I can play with how I want to distribute the fabrics in the outer ring. There are so many possibilities - what do I like best?
Difficult!  I have to sew the star-pieces between the center and the outer ring first anyway.



The beginning!
Rosette 5 is the huge one in the middle of the quilt. This is the beginning of the ring with the star-pieces.


The next circle is finished:



The next circles might look like these:



And that's how they did turn out:

Rosette 5 is finished!

Rosette 6:


Now it became difficult. I had made a mostly green ring in between, even before I finished the big rosettes 5 and 6. This ring might fall between 5 and 6 or below 6.


But frankly, I'm not thrilled. I better use the green ring for something else (I don't know if there is another complete ring at all, but that doesn't matter now).

I will cast several colours for the ring between 5 and 6, in order to find out which one offers enough contrast.

Rosette 1a:



Rosette 2:


Rosette 4:

Rosette 7:

Rosette 8 and 9 bottom:

Rosette 8 and 9 top:


Rosette 10a and 13:

Rosette 14:


Rosette 17 top left:




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Here are photos of the construction of the rosettes and Fuzzy Cutting.

And here is the finished quilt!


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