Making the rosettes

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I started with the most difficult one: a rosette, where 10 super narrow points have to meet in the middle.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a beautiful rosette. I hadn't glued and folded the tip meticulous enough, I never knew exactly where to stop sewing. The result is not a nice flat rosette, but looks more like a volcano crater (from the front) or a cauliflower (from the back).


I stayed in touch with Diane Kirkhart and she gave me lots of tips on how to sew the rosettes technically better - that was really helpful!
I wish I could book a class with her. But Virginia is not around the corner of Frankfurt/Main...


Next try: the easy rosette with the pentagons in the middle. The famous Passacaglia consists only of this rosette. Too late I realised that I had chosen the more difficult Millefiori quilt with La Tarantella. Oh well...



Wow, this is fun!

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