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End of September:

I am back at home, La Tarantella is really approaching the end:

July: again, a break.

We are still WFH and I went again to my husband. I prepared several rosettes for the Millefiori-Quilt. When they are done, there are only 10 rosettes left, 10 small ones!
But I'm afraid they will have to wait until I'm back home.
In my spare time I will knit and post my finished objects at ravelry.


Corona indirectly affects also me and my quilts.
My employer sent us all home to work from there - thank God! We are much more protected that way. After consultation with my boss, I decided to go to my husband. He works a few hundred kilometres away and can't work from home.
I packed a huge suitcase (how do I know how many weeks I will stay?), but of course no sewing machine! Even the ingredients for the Tarantella-quilt are too voluminous and too heavy. So right now I am in the diaspora as far as sewing is concerned. Otherwise it's great! I am used to work from home, I do it once a week anyway. And I'm with my husband the rest of the time - phantastic! The rest of our families is ok too. And we even have enough toilet-paper in the closet.
At least I have enough knitting stuff with me, and I have already re-ordered wool. And in the meantime I became am member at Ravelry, for the knitters among you. My name there is NinaSchumann.

Slowly after 3 weeks here I miss my sewing machine and my fabrics. And I would love to sew masks! I called my quilt shop, they have already sent a care-package with fabric, yarn and hand sewing needles. Let's see how it will be going with hand sewing...
Otherwise, here on the blog is a break until I am back home.



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