Ukraine 35 - strips

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For the next Ukraine-quilt I attacked that huge plastic bag with scraps under my cutting table. It had become very full and heavy during the past months.

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I didn't want to make another spiderweb-quilt (yet). But at Pinterest I found a nice image (without any source-info) with a HST in the corner. When you combine 4 blocks you get a square on point. Sounds good!
My squares are 6,0 inches, the HST 2,5 inches (unfinished).
I need 9 x 13 = 117 blocks  (5,5 inch finished size), that's a lot.


Oh well  -

I should have cut the HST larger. I had thought about it before cutting, but there just wasn't enough green fabric. Now you can't see the HST/squares very good. In reality it is better, but not much.
I think the solid fabric should bring calm and peace to such a strip quilt, but in this case it does not. If I had had enough fabric for a green border or at least binding - better. But no - not enough leftover.

Ok - so now we know. Cut the HST bigger next time!


Details of the pattern and the quilting:


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