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A friend told me about the possibility to sew quilts for the Ukraine.

It works like this: Somebody collects used blankets which are still warm but no longer very beautiful. They get cleaned and then somebody (in this case me) puts a top and back onto them and quilts them.

Then a truck collects all the quilts and a lot of other goodies and toys and brings the stuff to a village in the Ukraine. Have a look here: Great idea!


I had some fat quarters in red and green. At Sunshower Quilts Í found the idea of the leaders and enders. You just have to cut all the squares first.

When you sew a quilt (for example, I was busy with the Try-Angle-Quilt) and reach the end of a chain-piecing-strip, you need a small scrap. Instead of taking some leftover scrap, you sew on a pair of the precut squares. You can see that on the phto.

Before the Try-Angle-Quilt was finished, I had already sewn all the blocks for the Ukraine-quilt - and I was finished before I knew it!

For the quiliting I did some stabilizing in the ditch and then again: I tried freemotion. Very big easy swirls.

Well, I found them not so easy when I made them on a thick heavy quilt.

Anyway, I like that quilt very much!


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