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My first swap!!
I read about the canadian Mini-Swap in a quilter-blog. At first I was hesitant - am I good enough? But than I decided that I am (after all, there are different levels of quilters).
I can't travel to Quilt Canada (not enough vacation-days and vacation-money left in my budget for 2020), but you can participate also if you want to exchange your mini-quilts via mail.
I signed in in January, today I got the information that I was teamed up with a canadian quilter who also can't travel. Yeah!
Kathleen prefers traditional quilts:
Traditional Quilts, likes blue, cream, green, all shapes are ok

I have time until May to make the quilt and ship it to her.
How fun is that!
I can't post any pictures until Kathleen got her quilt. But I am allowed to show some teaser-photos here. So far I have none :-)

Mini-Swap means that the quilt should not be bigger than 24 x 24 inches. That is mini in my book - I think the standard babyquilt is rather small!
I sat down at my computer and started to draw in EQ7.

Hm. Too simple, or what do you think?
If simple, then really simple. A simple block, repeated several times.

Hm. This design as a mini-Quilt means that each block finishes at 3 inches. That means a lot of seams on a small area - not so good for quilting.
Layout is discarded.

When I searched at Pinterest, I found this idea:

I like that one!
Now I have to add some colour - the quilt should resemble like this:

But at least here are teaser-photos for Kathleen:

Kathleen send me a teaser-photo of the quilt she is making, she allowed me to show it here:


Wow - isn't that Singer a beauty? I wish I had one. And the fabric pieces will become my mini-Quilt - I'm looking forward to it!
Kathleen sent two more teaser-photos, for the colour-combination and part of the piecing - I just love these batiks!

My quilt is pieced, quilted, boxed and sent. (I hope it will arrive safely in Regina, in spite of the Corona-virus).

Photos will follow as soon as Kathleen got it.

It's here!
Kathleen's quilt arrived already, even though she sent it a week later than I did. (No idea where my quilt is at the moment)
Isn't it beautiful? and so lovely quilted - I never made such a pattern before, but I will definitely try it.
She has already washed it, it has that wonderful cuddly quilting feeling when you touch it. I'm almost sorry to hang it - I would rather use it to cuddle on the sofa.

Oh, it's just gorgious.


update May 21st:  My quilt still hasn't arrived in Canada. I sent it March 13th or 14th. I don't know where it hangs out.



update May 23rd: It's there! Finally!  Oh dear, this should be the world's record in delivery.
So finally I can show my photos. I started with this design:


First I filled the empty corners, than I added more Flying Geese:

Not bad! Now more colour:

The finished top - the colours are changed again and I changed the direction of the outer Flying Geese:

And the finished quilt!

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