Blooming 9patch - another one

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A quilt for a friend - no problem.
The pattern - no problem - she fell in love with the Blooming 9patch.
The fabrics - a visit to the quilt-shop.


But the sewing - that became a problem! I had finished about 3/4 of the 9patches, then Corona came along. And I went to Berlin to WFH. Without my sewing machine!

The rest of the pieces and everything else went to hibernate in my appartment at home...
But when I came back after two months it went right on!

The top finishes with 2.070 pieces, not bad.

All quilts which are set on-point have these endless rows in the middle. They don't fit on the ironing board, I had to fold them to prevent them from lying on the floor (and stumbling over them).

Everything is sewn and the sandwich is spray-basted:

The actual quilting drove me crazy. No idea why - but somehow the sewing machine, needle, thread, top, back and wool batting didn't want to go together. None of it was new or unusual, but this time they conspired against me. Again and again there were tension threads in the bobbin and the machine stopped. I tried really EVERYTHING. Except kicking the machine, okay. Not that.


After the first bobbin everything had calmed down and I could quilt the next two bobbins in peace - that was a good half of the quilt.

But then it started again. 20 square centimeters quilted. Machine stops. Carefully cut the quilt loose, cut all superfluous threads, bury the ends in the quilt, open the cover, take out everything, free the bobbin, clean everything, reassemble everything. Push the quilt back into place. Continue. Quilt 20 square inches. Machine stops.
Honestly - it took hours to quilt the rest.

My goodness, I was relieved when I was finally through!  Of course I had to load a new bobbin for the last 20 square centimeters...

But you can't see the problems on the finished quilt - it acts as if it couldn't cloud any water :-)

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