Ukraine 32 - Daybreak

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This Ukraine quilt is inspired by Bonnie Hunters Daybreak from the book String Frenzy.
I simplified it - otherwise the quilt would be too heavy for the children's home. Instead of 4-patches a simple square in the middle, instead of sashings of strings just stripes.
But it I think will also be so very beautiful!

I don't know Bonnie's measurements for her quilt - I just used my accuquilt and the existing dies. For the center square I used the square-on-point die (2 5/8 unfinished), for the HSTs I cut 2.5 inches squares with the Accuquilt and then cut them diagonally by hand. (Bonnies measurements ARE different from mine.)

This makes my squares including the triangles a little bit larger than 3.5 inches (unfinished). After sewing and ironing, I trimmed each square again - the beasts don't get so perfectly squared by themselves.

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For the blue large HSTs I cut 4 inch squares and cut them diagonally, for the blue small QSTs I cut 2 ¼ inch strips and cut them with the Companion Angle Ruler.
And then after sewing and ironing I trimmed them again - I can't do something like that perfectly without any hazard and without extra seam allowance!

The square turned out to be 9 inches, finished 8.5 inches. The sashings are 1,5 inches, finished, that looks best in the proportions.

The result: a nice, beautiful quilt. Nothing out of the ordinary. It's my fault, not Bonnie's. The light fabric is just very plain and boring, Bonnie always uses a lot of different neutral scraps instead. Much more interesting.

I'm afraid there is still a lot of that fabric left. I will make at least two more quilts with that fabric.

And unfortunately this quilt again is filled with an old blanket that is veeeery thick. So I couldn't helpt but quilt in a lot of pleats. A LOT.

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