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Another baby quilt. I asked the parents what colors they preferred. And asked them to browse through my galleries, which quilts they spontaneously like and which they don't.

He: "Preferably quiet, bright colours. We are very 'Nordic' furnished. Although one wall is painted bright orange."
She: "I'm always very pleased when the patterns are simple in structure or the colours give the impression". She especially likes these quilts:


Hmm. I don't find them particularly quiet, bright and simple now, grin.
(She also liked Welcome to the Northpole, but that is neither quiet nor suitable for baby-quilting, we agree).

What do I do now with these guidelines?
At first I thought I would use the light green batik fabric from Dear Jane, it's calm and cool.
But orange doesn't go with it.

So I took out all the KONA-blue fabrics and added some white, grey and green. With so much blue I made the backside purple/pink, even with flowers!


And here it is, finished:


As usual with freemotion quilting, I quilted hearts, in this quilt there are three:


That's how the quilt looks 'lived-in' - so cute!

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