Ukraine 6 - My Blue Heaven in green

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For the next Ukraine-quilt I used a pattern by Bonnie Hunter, My Blue heaven.

I totally screwed up.

I thought I knew how to use the Easy Angle Ruler. And of course I can make Quarter Square Triangles and Flying Geese too.

I can. But I had made all these blocks of one or two fabrics, never from single cut scraps.

I made a test-block with HST and the Easy Angle. That worked well, no trimming necessary. So I trusted one of my other rulers and made all the QST. Only after I finished all the center-squares I realized that they were too small. (Bonnie uses the Companion Angle, I ordered one this afternoon).

I could fix everything a bit during making the Flying Geese, but the overall result are seams that don't deserve the name seams. They are all wonky and the seam-allowance is sometimes 1/32 inch. The quilt-police should never see this one!

And the top is not very scrappy either. I thought I had enough variety of green fabric, but obviously I don't. I'm not sure I will ever have enough scraps to make a big scrap-quilt. Maybe it's not in me and I have to plan my quilts. Not all of one fabric, but planned different fabrics instead of totally scrappy.

But if I look at this quilt from far, it doesn't look that bad!

I will try the pattern again as soon as I got the ruler.


It's not my fault that the quilt is so 'hilly', the batting is an old very 'hilly' polyester duvet.


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