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My friendly neighbour cared for my appartment during the lockdown when I was with my husband. She earned a huge thank you for that!

I offered her to make a quilt (without cost). She liked the idea!  But said she'd prefer a wallhanging. Fine with me. Then she slept over the whole thing and said she would like to get placemats. She even brought the fabric for the top, she didn't want a pieced top.

Whatever she wants to have, she will get. At least I was allowed to spend the batting and backing.

She liked the spiral quilting so we settled for that. 
But then it was me who slept over the project. I think 6 identical placemats with a spiral center sound boring. I suggested to off-center the spiral to make it more interesting. And maybe quilt a big piece and then cut it in half?

She said yes - and here are the results:



Here are the finished six placemats - cute!




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