By Annie: Hold Everything - and sometimes you loose

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Hm. After the bag Case in point I was so thrilled that I wanted to make the next one: Hold-Everything.
But this time I changed the pattern. The orginal finished size is 9 x 8 inches. That's too big. I put everything in half size.
Dream on.

The pattern is completely different.
Case in point has a zipper between two long narrow strips of fabric. The zippered strip runs around front- and back of the bag.
Hold Everything has one long wider strip for the zipper. The zipper is attached only to one side of the strip. The other side is attached to the top part of the body of the bag. There is only the one body part, not 2 parts (front and back). You can see the details on Annies photos.

I was not sure how to sew everything together (this must be one of her earlier patterns. Several hints are missing in the description that are state-of-the-art in recent patterns), there is no video at youtube at all.

I knew about the 'only one body part' but I miscalculated how to cut the sizes in half. I can't give the measuremenst here (copyright and so on), but I messed up. Totally.
The result is a perfectly sewn bag with very strange proportions:

The resulting bag is so narrow that I did not even made the pages with velcro that should go into the bag. What item should fit into the mesh pockets of such a narrow extra page?


Well, I don't know if I will make this bag again in the original size or in a smaller size (with better proportion).


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