The blocks O-S - method needleturn

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Dutch Treat - what's that?

an update concerning needleturn

Tutorial for prepared edge

18 blocks A-G                   method prepared edge

7 blocks A-G                     method Heat'n Bond Lite

the rest of the blocks A-G method needleturn

The blocks H-N                method needleturn

The blocks T-Z and the rest    method needleturn

The finished quilt



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Comments (7)

  • Carla
    at 20.12.2019
    Oh my what wonderful blocks. I have appliqued and understand the learning curve and all the stitches one does when they needleturn applique. Love the blues with the light its going to be an awesome quilt
  • Robin
    at 20.12.2019
    I think my favorite block is the parsley one. What a collection of wonderful blues.
    • Nina
      at 20.12.2019
      I like that one too! And the songbird. These shweshwe indigos are so beautiful, I wish I could make a jacket of them...
  • Fred
    at 20.12.2019
    Beautiful blue blocks, very sweet!
  • Gretchen Weaver
    Gretchen Weaver
    at 20.12.2019
    Very lovely! I have this book but never started them. Perhaps someday I will. Thanks for the eye candy.
  • Angela Feldbush
    Angela Feldbush
    at 20.12.2019
    Your blocks are beautiful! The work involved in each one is amazing.
  • Laura
    at 20.12.2019
    Wow! What a beautiful challenge! I have never heard of this book; thanks for sharing!

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