My way to Dutch Treat - an update

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Oh well -
after several blocks I realised it takes a lot of time to sew blocks with the prepared-edge-method. It took three times more time to prepare the blocks than to actual sew them.

And I want to sew these blocks only during travelling - but I don't want to spend so much time for preparing them at home.

I talked to Regina Grewe and we spoke about Dutch Treat and Needleturn. And of course - this alround quilter can do needleturn too! And she teaches it too!
The freemotion-class at Reginas was so good - I made a fast decision and went again to Kamen to Regina and took a needleturn-applique-class.

The result: Everything works as you can see it at youtube or in several books. But I just couldn't do it.  Regina is such a good teacher, she showed in detail how to do this and to do that and hold the needle and turn the needle and hold the thumb -
On my way back I sewed this block in the train, without any preparation:

Isn't it gorgeous???
Without any preparation!!

How much fun is it to sew a block during a train-ride!

Ok - from now on only Needleturn.
If you want to book a class at Reginas, this is her site:

During my 'Prepared edge-phase' I had made several tricky blocks with Heat'n Bond Lite. Very easy: you iron the fusible to the back of the white fabric, draw the pattern and cut the fabric without any seamallowance. The Heat'n Bond Lite should prevent fraying lifelong, but I sewed a line with the seweing machine anyway. Time will tell if I have to make more blocks with that cheating-method or if I'm able to sew all future blocks with needleturn.


Links back to the quilt:

Dutch Treat - what's that?

Tutorial for prepared edge

18 blocks A-G                   method prepared edge

7 blocks A-G                     method Heat'n Bond Lite

the rest of the blocks A-G method needleturn

The blocks H-N                method needleturn

The blocks O-S                 method needleturn

The blocks T-Z and the rest    method needleturn

The finished quilt



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