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One of my favourite quilt shops offers a discount on oilcloth. I never made anything of oilcloth - a good reason to try it!

And we just came back from our vacation. The airline does not give out dinners anymore :-(    we brought our own sandwiches which were very moist until we ate them. We had them in a plastic bag - but an oilcloth lunch bag would have been nice!

This is a very helpful video how to sew a lunch bag (in german, but you can understand all the steps by looking at her).

Cut 4 pieces of oilcloth, each 10x15 inch. At the future bottom of the bag cut two squares of 2,5 inch.

And you will need 6 inch velcro tape in a colour that matches the oilcloth.

You can see the steps on the video...

Some internet-sites say it's difficult to sew with oilcloth and one needs a special teflon-foot. Hm - I ignored that. Anyway most of the sewing happens on the left side of the oilcloth or on the velcro. Only the topstitching at the very end is on the right side. I sewed the velcro tape to the oilcloth without any fuss.

I had no problems at all. And I used my standard foot.



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