Ukraine 13 - Jared takes a wife / Blackford Beauty

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I needed another fast success - finally I got to make Jared takes a wife, Bonnie Hunter's pattern!

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I discovered only after I cut all the pieces that this pattern is also called Blackford Beauty. BB has a slightly different colour-layout, I like that one even better. Too late.

It's the first block I made with stitch-and-flip. You cut a square, put it on one end of a rectangle and sew on the diagonal of the square. Afterwards you cut off the extra fabric, flip the triangle over and iron it.

Bonnie Hunter insists on cutting away all the fabric. Mary Ellen Hopkins insists on cutting only the triangle-fabric, but keeping the rectangle-fabric. If your triangle does not turn out perfect you still have the perfect rectangle to sew on when you join the next part of the block.

I cut almost all of the extra-rectangle fabric.
I won't do that again. I'm with Mary Ellen Hopkins. Maybe the top will become thicker that way, but I opt for thick and almost perfect than thin and crooked.

I screwed up the 2nd part of the block too. At least, a little bit. The pattern asks for green and neutral. I think my neutrals are ok. But the greens are sometimes a very light green - so light you can't tell them apart from the neutrals. This photo is ok, but some others are not.
Oh well - I learned another thing: always use medium or dark colours for this kind of pattern.

It was fun to put the blocks together - so fast!!! I will need several months to recover from Nearly Insane, I'm afraid.
To add a sashing to this block is a splendid idea - no need for alignig seams and blocks and triangle. Just throw a big wide sashing on a slightly crooked block and you're done!

Again the donated blanket was a thick uneven something. It was a rectangle, not a square. So I had to add a stripe of fabric on both ends of the quilt to make it longer. I supposed green would work.

That's the quilt basted with 505 on the floor...

... and that's the finished quilt!

I would've loved to do some FMQ on it, but the blanket is too thick.

I really like the result. I thought the light-green-squares would spoil the pattern, but the didn't.



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