Silk quilt

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They say it's possible to piece the top with silk fabric.

I bought two colours, washed them (omigod, the red one bled like hell) and then added fusible interface.

The result was easy to cut, sew, press and quilt and beautiful!

But - the quilt turned out very thick and stiff. We need a new cover for the netbook, so the thick quilt is okay. And we can test the silk fabric under stress conditions.

(But I will definitely try to make a quilt without the fusible interface, I prefer my quilts to be smooth and cuddly).

And I learned something else: watch out! Even though the fabric has no printed pattern, it still has a grain. When I put the patches together I turned some of the 4-patches involuntary. It depends on the light, but sometimes it seems like two different sorts of fabric! Click on the first photo to enlarge it, you can see the problem at the left 4-patches.


ok - I tried to sew the silk without the fusible interface. It didn't work at all.

The silk fabric is so slippery that all the seams were wonky.

So I gave up and made the new kindle cover with the interface. And I decided to use silk fabric only for decoration, never for cuddly quilts!



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