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The next quilt was again for my husband, he needed an extremely fluffy quilt for his recording studio. He likes the convergence-quilts of Ricky Tims. I didn’t want to make a quilt identical to those (that’s boring), so I invented one myself.

First I cut the five blue fabrics into large triangles (the full width of the bolt) and put them on the floor. I cut the two orange-golden fabrics into small stripes and laid them in between. Then I sewed everything together and trimmed the long sides (I lost a lot of fabric that way, the finished is quilt is barely 1,00 m wide).

The next step was cutting the top along the long edges and turning every second strip and mixing them. And sewing them together again.

Done! It took less then 5 hours to make the top.

The batting is a very fluffy polyester fleece. First I quilted the long parallel seams with nylon thread in the ditch..

Since the quilt Jewel-Islands I had discovered that there a marking-pencils for fabric. 

My husband and me draw two different sizes of squares on the quilt-top, all lopsided and overlapping. Than I quilted these squares with orange-gold thread. The result is stunning!

The quilt hangs in the studio and every visitor looks at it – there is always something new to discover on that quilt. How is the top pieced and what about these squares?


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