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Matildas parents liked her quilt that much that they asked me to sew a big one for themselves. Wow – my first custom quilt!

I love quilting. People pay for the material and I have the fun of sewing it. And my apartment doesn’t drown in quilts.

They chose the traditional Irish chain-pattern, again from Harriet Hargraves book The Quilter’s Academy Volume 1. Sewing was rather easy now.

As usual the final layout happened on the floor.

On these fotos you can hardly see the fault –

but on these. During the quilting I somehow tucked or folded the quilt. There are two big wrinkles in two corners. I don’t know how it happened and how to prevent it the next time. Bummer.

But my neighbours like the quilt anyway! I named it Jewel-Islands, because of the colors of the blocks in the middle of the chain.


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