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When I read other blogs I love to learn which tools they use. That's why I created this site - maybe you are interested too!


Of course, a big mat,  24 x 36 inch.
And I have a much smaller one. Not for travelling, but for Foundation Paper Piecing. I don't stand at my cutting table to cut that surplus of seamallowance but at another place. The small mat is big enough for these tiny parts of blocks.

Rollcutter - Olfa. I own both versions, the one with the ergonomic handle and the other where you adjust the blade once its outside. After several years of cutting I prefer the adjust-version.
And I own the luxury-version of Gingher. Expensive and actually not much difference to the ergonomic-version of Olfa. But the blade-changing-process is easier and safer than at Olfa.
The 45-Cutter is the standard, but for small curved rulers I use the 18-Cutter.

Blades - Olfa. Never again a Noname-product!
For the Gingher cutter I bought their blades (I have no idea if you can use Olfa with Gingher and vice-versa)

Scissors: Karen Kay Buckley. There is nothing better. I use the small green one even for Applique - works like a dream.
I have all 4 scissors. I use the small green one for almost everything. I use the big one for cutting away big pieces of fabric. I use the medium one not very often. And the red one with the curved blades never. I bought it for Applique, but the green one does the job. (Is there anybody outside who wants to buy an almost not used pair of red scissors?)

Thread cutter: the pendant is a must for English Paper Piecing in a plane.
And for handpiecing there are rings. This one for example.
In America and Asia you can buy this ring by Clover. I discovered it in the Youtube-Video by Yoko Saito. Even better!

Accuquilt - yeheeees. I own the Accuquilt GO-Cutter (not the Baby). It took me 4,5 years after I started quilting.
But when I realized that I can use the strip dies not only for strips and squares but also for rectangles (if you combine two different sizes), I was ready. And these triangles!! No dogears and i.e. with the 2.5 die you can cut 72 triangles with one cut - unbelievable.



Olfa frosted, of course.
I did not finde anything better for triangles then the Easy Angle Ruler and the Companion Angle.
Yes, there are a lot of speciality-rulers on the market, but with these one can cut a long time.


Sewing by machine - I use Superior So Fine for the top thread. I use only white, grey, beige and black.
For the bobbin I use Superior Bottom Line. Same colours (you have to switch at beige, there are less colours at Bottom Line).

Sewing by hand (binding, Applique and English Paper Piecing): Superior Bottom Line. I have collected several colours over time.
Piecing by hand: Superior Masterpiece. SoFine works too.

Quilting by machine: I tried a LOT of brands. Now I don't try and test anymore. The other brands might be ok for other people and machines. For my beloved Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 and me this works best:
top thread:           Madeira Monofilament 60wt - the very thin one             OR
                              Mettler Machine-quilt-yarn - if I want the stitching to show
bobbin: always  Mettler Machine-quilt-yarn

Quilting by hand: YLI - the famous one on the wooden cone.



Sewing/Quilting by machine:  I have no idea, which brands I use. Schmetz? Organ? I didn't realize any difference.
I invested once in the expensive topstitch-needles of Superior for Quilting. I did not realize any difference to the quilting-needles by Schmetz.

Sewing by hand (binding): some NoName-product

Piecing by hand: Tulip sewing needles #9. Or Black Gold Applique Sharp by Clover, No 9 oder 10.

Applique by hand: Tulip Applique needles #10

English Paper Piecing: I have no idea what needle I'm using. I'm using it for at least two years now.
Update!  Clover Golden Eye Applique #12. Alternative: Black Golden Eye App SH #10 oder #12

Quilting by hand: Roxanne Betweens



Quilting by hand: Roxanne plus needle glider and the Thumb-thimble by Ted Storm
English Paper Piecing: usually without, but for very dense fabric (like batique) I like these adhesive pads Thimble-it. They are really reuseable.



It depends.
If it should be unvisible, I use the blue Aqua-Marker (Prym). It disappears right away with water, otherwise after about 6 months (I know that because I marked the handquilt-lines on the icequilt and it took me longer than 6 months to quilt it).
Watch out - there is a marker that looks almost like the blue one - but it disappears after about 30 minutes!

For Applique I use the standard Sewline-Pencil with the refill-packages in several colours.
Or Saral wax-free transfer paper.

If it should be totally invisible: Hera-Marker by Olfa. Helpful for drawing sewing-lines i.e. for stitch-and-flip.

If it should be visible and stay visible: wether a waterproof marker by Prym (only that is is not always waterproof) or the ultra fine Sharpies or IDenti-Pen.



Other stuff
For Applique: Heat'n bond    Lite or Ultra
And: the Applique Pressing Sheet by Bear Thread. No fusible will stick to it.
And of course! a wooden toothpick.

Heat Press Batting Together - you can iron the batting pieces together instead of sewing them by hand or zigzagging them by machine. You don't feel it during quilting.

For basting: Odif 505 spray. Will disappear with the first washing.

For the writing of labels: I iron Freezer Paper on the back of the fabric. Then the fabric won't stretch when I write with the waterproof pen on it.

For Foundation Paper Piecing: I use Carol Doaks paper. And the two rulers Add enough and Add a quarter.

Light for hang-around-the-neck: in planes and trains often the light is very dim. The lamp Beam n Read 6 Hands-Free Task light is phantastic. It weighs almost nothing und beams a light exactly where you need it for your EPP or embroidery. Yes, one can take a runners light (around the forehead). But if you look up you will blend other people. The Beam n Read stays on your lap.

And last but not least I own a seamripper...


Did I forget a category?

If yes - please tell me! and also, if you have more suggestions for tools - I love to hear what others use!

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