Bionic Gear Bag 4 - Dutch Treat

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The Starry skies over Kamen are almost done, I started Dutch Treat. I will sew this one again only when I'm travelling (let's see how long this one will take...).

It was no problem to pack and transport everything during the two hexagon-quilts (Green Witches and Starry skies) - there was not much to pack. The prepared hexagons, needle, thread and scissors. Easy.

But Dutch Treat is different. I carry much more stuff: Next to needle, thread and scissors there is a little plasticbox with the applique-pins, Roxannes Glue-Baste-it, Fray check and of course the fabric! The Indigo-background-squares are no problem. But there are also the prepared white applique-pieces. I don't want to squeeze them, I let them stick to the Freezer Paper until the very last moment. Then I take the paper out and pin them with the applique-pins to the indigo-square. They have to be transported savely. I searched many places for a plasticbox in the right size - and I found one.

How to pack all this together? The problem screamed after a solution called Bionic Gear Bag :-)

I made one of matching Indigo fabric (every quilt gets its own Gear Bag..., yes, we've a certain standard here...) and exactly fitting to that plasticbox.
That means less wide than the Original but considerably higher. It was kind of fiddly to modify the original pattern, the side-parts were the problem. But it turned out ok.

If you compare it to the 3rd Gear Bag you can see the size-differences: the new one is as slim als the 3rd, but much higher and more bulgy, I had to cut the front table-piece larger. This bag needs the additional space, there is so much stuff!

I'm really glad I wrote my own tutorial for the Bionic Gear Bag - it helped me a lot again.


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  • Judy Blauer
    Judy Blauer
    at 20.12.2019
    Wow, I just found your blog! I love your Starry Skies Over Kamen and your bionic gear bag. So organized!

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