Green witches

I tried several sizes of papers - 1 inch is too small, 2 inch is too huge - so 1,5 inch is just right.


My sofa is a very light green in a very strange color. When I add cool colors, I think 'this doesn't work, the sofa is a warm green'. When I add warm colors, I think 'this doesn't work, the sofa is a cold green'.

Help - what now?

I went to my favourite quilt shop. The very kind owner cut 10 cm of more than 20 different bolts. I won't tell the name of that shop - usually the minimum is 20 cm. Back at home all the fabric had to pass a close examination on the sofa. Some didn't pass!

I ordered more fabric of the winner-fabrics. Some will appear only once in 24 hexies, some two or three times.

The first 24 hexies I sewed during a long trip in the car. During the drive it became dark and only when I got home I realized I had made some sloppy mistakes, you can see the stitches on the front.

I won't cut them, I hope once the quilt is finished you can't see these small stitches.

But from now on I know I have to pay attention!

After one year 800 hexagons are done!

Meanwhile a friend told me how much she liked the quilt - so I won't keep it for myself but give it to her.

But she needed a big queensize quilt. After one year I couldn't get all the different fabrics, but at least some brown and green. I added wide borders.

[I'm afraid my handstitching might not hold up against washing, so I quilted the hexagons with three straight lines. But the borders got swirls.

And the name for the quilt?

It was a no-brainer - green witches!


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