Bionic Gear Bag

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I did it - I made my first Bionic Gear Bag!

There are a lot of comments in the internet how bad the pattern is written (which you can't buy at Craftsys any more), how the author did not update her site for more than two years, how she did not upload all the videos she promised in her Craftsy-pattern and how she does not react to mails with questions.


update 2019: Craftsy was bought by bluprint, but bluprint does not sell the pattern either. The author has her own website It might be possible to buy the pattern there. If you managed that, let me know, I'll write an update here.


All true.

But: in the pattern you find the measurements for the fabric, the interfacing and the zippers. And that's at least something, even if 12 Dollars is way too much for that information.

And: there are 10 videos at youtube, made by Sandra Power (sandyp196). Her videos are great! I made the whole bag with these videos, except for the very last binding. I did not understand the video-steps, so I went back to the original-pattern. Lucky for me, this step for once was well written.

It took me 12 hours to make this first bag. That's a lot of time - but I had to review the videos, think about the pieces and the way to attach them, try something - this takes time! But I'm sure the next bag will be much easier.

Here are a lot of detail-photos, after that I put together several links.

I want to use the bag for sewing, so I made a tiny needle-bag for it. I used grey felt and some of the batic. It's so cute!!! and lives in one of the zipper-bags now.

The 'official' site, that doesn't help at all:

Here I discovered the bag for the first time:

Another bag, but same principle:

The same other bag:


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