Starry skies over Kamen

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Green witches is finished, I need a new English paper piecing project.

I found the Kamener Geflecht at Regine Grewe, it's so beautiful!

I enlarged the scale. I want to use the 800 paper templates I ripped of the Green witches. Ok, maybe not exactly 800, I ruined some of them during the ripping. And this new quilt will be much smaller. It won't become a quilt for cuddling but for the ceiling above our bed. It's not a wallhanging but a ceilinghanging!

Therefore I renamed the quilt from 'Kamener Geflecht' to 'Starry skies over Kamen'.

My 1,5inch hexie-paper-templates request triangle-templates in 2,25 inch size. You can't get this size in shops. But Prettyanduseful in Bayern offers as-you-wish-sizes with only a small extra fee.


After a long vacation with lots of time to piece the blocks, these are the blocks I made so far.

I don't know yet how to arrange them. By random or by colour (the batic fabric changes the background colour several times) ?


June 2017: The finish is finally near!  I started that quilt in November 15. But I stitch these blocks only during train-trips or in hotels AND I made the Snowladies during that time too. The ladies are finished, so finally I can finish this quilt.
I did all the blocks and sewed them in threes together. Laid on the floor it looks like this:

Of course it looks wonky - here are some missing triangles and there are too many hexagons.

This is much better:

Finally - the top is done and the border attached.

The quilt is finished!
It took a long time - but it was worth it.

This quilt is stuffed with standard cotton-batting so I was able to freemotion-quilt it. I like that much better than straight-line-quilting. (Usually I have to do straight-line-quilting with the Ukraine-quilts, the gifted blankets are too thick).

During the making of the quilt its destination has changed: It will go to the daughter of a friend.

And my quilt now shows up at Regina's guest gallery:


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