Ukraine 30 - Babyblocks

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The next Ukraine-quilt:

This time I really dared to make a quilt with y-seams. Only a babyquilt and only with 60°-diamonds. But I made one diamond as a 9 patch. That's also something I could not do accident-free.

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And lo and behold: With the instructions by Regina Grewe and a lot of re-reading at Harriet Hargraves Book No 4 it actually worked!


Simple Y-seams are a piece of cake now:


For this quilt I made all the 3-combinations first (9patch + 1 light + 1 dark)  and set them in rows afterwards. When I joined the rows in the next step I had lots of junctions with 6 parts in a 60° or 120° angle. Hm, these are not easy! Sometimes they fit:



sometimes not:


I played with EQ7 and I think I can solve that 6-junction-problem.

I will make another babyquilt, but it may take some time. There are several big quilts down the road which I want to do first.
Therefore I made a drawing in EQ7:
Start with two groups of diamonds (here in red and yellow), that's easy. Then join them with a long straight seam. Easy too.


Then add the next (blue) diamonds. Again easy, only 3-pieces y-seams.



Make another group of diamonds the same way.


And a third one.

When I join these groups now, their corners are simple 3-point-y-seams. And the junctions where 6 peeks have to meet, are easy because they are made by two long straight seams.

See what I mean?



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