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Annie finally released a new pattern for a backpack, I don't like the previous one very much. Too big and just a giant hole with only one giant mesh pocket.
The new one has 6 inner pockets and is smaller, on the photos I like it much better!
Let's see how my version will look like in reality.
One thing I already know: it will cost time. The padded shoulder straps alone take a lot of time.

Several days later:
Not only the shoulder straps take time. The beast has one outer pocket and 6 inner pockets. All are constructed according to Annie's standard principle and are not difficult. But to prepare 7 pockets (4 with zippers) takes time, definitely!

But the worst was yet to come... This front compartment (so to speak the backpack in front of the backpack) is extremely fiddly to work with, it is just so small and the edge to which the binding has to be attached is very stiff due to the inner/outer pockets. It was no fun.

And then I had to sew this front compartment to the front part of the main compartment.
And then there's the strip with the zipper and again a binding - and the front compartment is so very in the way.

No, that was no fun. And on the back of the main compartment there are shoulder straps, lower straps and the handle in the way.

That was by far the most difficult bag I ever sewed by Annie. Definitely not for beginners.

But the result is great - the backpack looks wonderful and is very comfortable to wear.
I hope the shoulder straps will hold up during daily use. But because the backpack is so small, I won't carry heavy things in it.

Extra-photos for Elaine:

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  • Annie Unrein
    Annie Unrein
    at 20.12.2019
    Your Out and About turned out beautifully! Great job!

    You're going to love carrying that backpack around town. Enjoy!

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