By Annie: Got your back

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Oh dear - this time I messed up.

I had not yet done the backpack, it's called Got your back. It looks nice on the photo, but somehow a little self-sewn.  I was thinking about what it was - it seemed to me it was this little flap.

So I changed the pattern: no flap, no quilted side-pockets (mesh-pockets instead), no zipper-pocket on the back. I changed the interior also.

The workmanship on the finished backpack looks very good, Annie is a good teacher! But the backpack looks boring and still a bit self-sewn.
What's the problem?
I compared my backpack with Annies photos.
It actually works on the back. But the front and the side? Nope.


Not enough contrast?  The pansy fabric is pretty 'wild', I thought I'd use the dark red as a contrast fabric, the red goes so well with it. Only - there is not much contrast fabric due to all my changes of the pattern!
I used elastic tape for the mesh pockets. It's a good idea but I couldn't get tape in the dark red. I thought light-purple would work instead.

On the front of the bag there is also less contrast due to the missing flap.
Annie even chose the two zippers in the contrasting colour, while I chose a subtle grey. Very subtle.

All you can see from the front is the pansy fabric. Beautiful, but boring without contrast. I tried to save something after all and simply sewed a strip of the dark red in the middle across the front by hand.

Didn't save it either.


The interior on the other hand is great.


I don't know yet if I want to use the backpack or maybe just cut it up and make all these nice little bags (Ditty bag or Clam up).



I consulted my husband and several friends. After that I cut the thin strip away and sewed a wider strip on the front.

Wow - now there is enough dark red!

And I used the backpack already - it is as practical as I had hoped (and planned when I changed the pattern).

All's well that ends well...



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