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My husband wants a wallhanging for his birthday. He loves modern quilts and bold colours (floral prints and traditional blocks are not his thing, very odd - who can understand this?) We went to Pinterest and found this photo by Mai-Britt Axelsen. It reminds us of Vertigo, the famous Hitchcock-film.

But how to make a quilt of that photo? If it were a small size it would've been easy. But the wallhanging should be about 50 x 50 inches.
I started by making a square in an Excel spreadsheet. Then I draw the twisted blocks on that square and coloured them black and white. When I printed the page it looked like this:


I labeled the pieces and cut them.


Approximately in the right scale I layed them on a piece of paper which was 40 inches wide (in scale).
So I was able to calculate the yardage I would need. I bought more than I had calculated  - I didn't trust myself with these measurements :-).


Now let's start!  I glued newspaper-pages together until I reached the desired size. The inner square (it will become a batik red) was my measurement. I started the drawing with that one.


I drew the other squares, much more randomly. I don't want to have a look of 'computer-designed-perfection'.


Next step: label the paper-pieces and cut them (from the outer squares to the center). To make sure I don't mix up the placement I took photos of every round.


From here on it worked like with clothing-sewing: lay the paper-pieces on the grain of the fabric and cut them,


put the fabric on the correct place of the block (thank heaven for my photos!) and sew them,


lay the paper-pieces on the block and cut away the excess fabric, leaving 1/4 inch seamallowance:


Ready for the next round!


I continued the process round for round. The paper-pieces and the fabric-pieces became larger with every round, it got difficult to pin and trim them straight, spread out on two cuttingmats. The finished quilt measures 60x60 inches.


The top is finished and prepared for quilting:


How to quilt it?
Of course swirls were out of question. It had to be straightline-quilting.
During sewing the quilt I had planned to sew lines parallel to the next outer square.
To get an impression how the quilt would look with these lines I draw lines with a pen on a copy. Hm. I took another copy and drew the lines parallel to the next inner square. Ahaaaaa! That looked much more twisted - and that's the desired effekt!


This is the quilt after quilting - but before trimming or deciding which side is 'up'.

and now it's really finished!


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  • Simon
    at 20.12.2019
    Vielen Dank, mein Liebling!
  • Judy B
    Judy B
    at 20.12.2019
  • The Joyful Quilter
    The Joyful Quilter
    at 20.12.2019
    Thanks for sharing your process. The quilt turned out beautifully!!
    at 20.12.2019

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