Ukraine 28 - On Ringo Lake


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The next leader-ender-project: On Ringo Lake, Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt 2017.

To learn the story of the Ukraine-quilts click here.

Oh Dear, I had understimated that one. On Ringo Lake has many many pieces! From far the quilt doesn't look complicated. And it isn't complicated. Only 9-patches, Flying Geese and Half square Triangles.

But one single 9-inch block has already 49 pieces. And apart from the center 9-patch one has to sew each single piece to each single piece. Quite a bit of work!

I made this quilt almost completely not of scraps. At the beginning of my quilting career I bought a lot of cheap fabric at fabric fairs. I didn't know better.

Ok, now I know that even at special offers you have to check the quality of the fabric. But at least now these thin cheap fabrics are almost used up.


This is the block:


All that's left is the sashing. And even here Bonnie did it again: on sashing strip has 6 pieces!

But I finished even that top:


And now it's completely finished - just in time. The trucks will start their journey to the Ukraine after Christmas!


I think it would've been better to put that quilt on-point like Bonnies original layout. Oh well - you can't win every time!


I link this quilt with Amanda at crazymomquilts and Myra at busyhandsquilts.




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  • Cala Prinsloo
    Cala Prinsloo
    at 20.12.2019
    Wow! I hear what you say about the fabrics, but it came out beautifully!!!
    You really have a good eye for color!!
    Love it!!
  • Melissa
    at 20.12.2019
    That's a beautiful quilt! Even though it has so many pieces, the movement isn't overly busy. Thank you for sharing!

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