Ukraine 27 - Tumalo Trail

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No, Annies bags are NOT the only thing I sewed during this summer. One always needs a leader-ender-project! Mine was Tumalo Trail by Bonnie Hunter.

To learn the story of the Ukraine-quilts click here.


When the Clam up-bags were done, Tumalo Trail was promoted from L&E to main project and was finished within a week.

Each quilter knows this scenario on her table:


This looks more like finished blocks - there are 48 of them.


Nice and colourful, isn't it?
The gifted blanket is not big enough to make sashings around the blocks. Therefore I had to lay the blocks down to decide which block would end where in the quilt and get (or not) sashings and cornerstones.


The top grows:


The sandwich is basted and ready for quilting, the blue blanket is almost as big as the top.


and finished!



I link this quilt with Amanda at crazymomquilts and Myra at. busyhandsquilts.


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