Ukraine 25 - Houses

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Dear Jane and no end. Right now I am at Row L. At this moment there are still 17 blocks left.

Until now this quilt for the Ukraine is completely done as a leader-ender-project between Dear Jane and all these ByAnnie-bags. When the 17 blocks are done, I promote the quilt to 'main quilt'!
To learn the story of the Ukraine-quilts click here.

But at least here is one finished block:


That's my cutting list and the cutting table:

and finally the top is done (one week after the very last Dear Jane-block) and ready for quilting:


As often with the Ukraine-quilts, the finished quilt doesn't look so good on the photos - the gifted blanket is sooo thick! But in reality it looks very snuggly.



I link this quilt with busyhandsquilts.


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