Ukraine 23 - Ships

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Ok - finally I gave in. I had dreamed of Accuquilt for months - now I gave in. I knew already that I wanted the medium sized GO! Cutter, the Baby Cutter can't use all the dies.
My first 2 dies are the 2,5 strips and the 2,5 half square triangles. And of course I had to make a quilt with these immediately!! It's not like I dont have any patterns, but I chose one that came with the dies: small ships.

Isn't this cute? 

And the cutter works as dreamed - it cuts all the pieces absolutely perfect. And because all the HST are cut without dogears it's so easy to lay them together and sew them accurately. Incredible - the cutter cuts 72 triangles with one cut.

There are a lot of videos for AccuQuilt at youtube. I don't like the vidoes made by AccuQuilt. They don't help, they just say 'AccuQuilt is wonderful'.
But Ebony Love of lovebugstudios made 7 videos where she shows in detail how to use the dies, how to clean them and most important how to fold the fabric to avoid waste.  The way she shows it there is really very few waste.
The waste was for me - apart from the price... - the main reason to hesitate to buy the cutter. The official AccuQuilt-people always use a Fat Quarter to cut 2 triangles and throw the rest away (so it seems to me).
So it's Ebonys fault I spent so much money!

I got 4 Babyquilts for the Ukraine. The first one will become a ship-quilt.

To learn the story of the Ukraine-quilts click here.

And that's how the quilt looks:

and the labels:

Comments (5)

  • Judy B
    Judy B
    at 20.12.2019
    Those are the cutest little sailboats. A great baby boy quilt!
  • Tracy
    at 20.12.2019
    Thanks for the tip on the videos. I have had a baby-go since they first came out, it is wearing out. I just bought the medium one, its arriving today.
    • Nina
      at 20.12.2019
      Congratulations!! I already cut two more quilts and I'm so happy with the cutter. What exactly deteriorate at your baby cutter after these years? (I hope deteriorate is the correct word)
  • Roseanne @ Home Sewn By Us
    Roseanne @ Home Sewn By Us
    at 20.12.2019
    What a cute quilt! I love hearing about your reasons for deciding that the Accuquilt will work for you. I have had the same hesitation. I will check out those videos and maybe it will be Ebony's fault that I purchase one as well. ~smile~ Roseanne
    • Nina
      at 20.12.2019
      Roseanne, please let me know how you like Ebonys videos and what you decide!!

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