Ukraine 18 - Celtic Solstice

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I finished the last quilt for 2016 (Ukraine 17) and started the last quilt for 2016 (Ukraine 18).

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Another pattern by Bonnie Hunter, her Mystery quilt 'Celtic Solstice'.

I simplified the pattern: Block B doesn't get a pinwheel in the middle and I changed the corner-squares a little bit.

But still: the pattern is kind of tricky.

Block A has these long triangles (you need the Tri-Rec-ruler for it). I tried and finally understood how to sew the pieces together. This time my blocks came out perfect and in the right size (3,5 inch).

But block B.... Each rectangle gets 2 stitch-and-flip-triangles. And my simplified corners get a stitch-and-flip-triangle too.

During cutting I just thought 'triangles' - and cut all the stitch-and-flip-pieces as triangles, not as squares!
Ok, this is very economic. There is always a lot of waste with squares at stitch-and-flip. But now I had to place all these tiny cute triangles on top of the rectangles and my corner-triangles and hope that everything turns out perfect.

Let me tell you: it did not.

As soon as I joined the pieces for the block I realized all the crooked seams.

But on the floor the blocks look beautiful.

And look at the finished quilt! Yeah!


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Comments (3)

  • Harald
    at 20.12.2019
  • Chantal L.
    Chantal L.
    at 20.12.2019
    Awesome!! Love the colours you have chosen for this one. Really gorgeous! ;^)
  • Kristy Wilkinson
    Kristy Wilkinson
    at 20.12.2019
    I love your top! My Celtic Solstice is one of my favorite quilts. Bonnie did such a great job of designing this quilt. I have many seams that didn't look great but once it is all together you don't notice! I love your colors. Thanks for sharing. K-

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