9. Long zipper

Prepare the zipper-bindings K like you did the side-bindings J.

Prepare the long zipper and the pieces as you did the small zipper and the pockets: Fold them in the middle, put in a pin the middle, lay them together in this order:

- binding (raw edge on top)
- piece A (right-side to the binding)
- zipper (right side up)

Sew with stitchlength 2,0 and your zipper-foot (I used the wrong foot, see the photos…).

Remember: I made this bag for a lefthanded man, the zipper-thingy is on the right.
For right-handed people put the zipper-thingy on the left side.


Fold the binding and topstitch with stitchlength 3,0.


Do the other half of the zipper the same way, but open the zipper first, otherwise there is so much bag to sew around.

Now cut the zipper to the final length (as mentioned in the pattern).

Make these tiny things L. My advice: close all 4 side-seams with backstitches, otherwise the seams open as soon as you start to turn the inside out.
If you want to be perfect, cut the edge at the bottom on the diagonal (as I did on the photo, but no, I’m not perfect!).


Turn the open edge of the piece inwards (tricky, but possible), insert the zipper-ends and topstitch around everything, beware of the zipper while sewing!


Now attach these tiny pieces in the middle of the fancy seam onto the fancy seam.
This is the last seam on the fancy seam. It was so thick now that I actually broke the needle during this very last piece!



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