6. Attaching the side-pieces I

Now comes the trickiest part. Though – it wasn't that tricky at the 2nd bag.

Let's start:

Take one piece I and put it along the first pocket. The fancy seam of piece I should match the pocket-seam (you see that on the left photo below). Fold and pin with Wonderclips along the fold.

Start the sewing at the bottom of the pocket, several stitches after the fancy seam. Sew in reverse until the fancy seam, but not farther! It stays open. Then forward until the top of the pocket (be careful while crossing the zipper), reverse to secure the seam and finished.

Do the 2nd zipper-pocket the same way, but this time there is no room to wiggle! The 2nd pocket is very close to the 1st pocket.

The 3rd and 4th pocket are easy, you have lots of space to manoever. Always start at the bottom (fancy seam) and end on top.


Do the other side, start again with the front zipper-pocket. The 2nd pocket of the 2nd side is the trickiest part of the whole bag. As soon as you managed that, the rest is 'plain sailing' !

Now you have to sew the sidepieces I in a long seam (starting at the front) to the bottom of the bag. Actually the bottom consists of all the pieces B-F.

(Now is the point where you may realize that you forgot to trim the seams at the bottom of the zipper pockets. No problem, you can fix that now).

Pin with Wonderclips.


It should look neat at the bottom, it doesn’t look very neat at the bottom of my guitar bag.

But it looks very bag-liky from above!!

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