4. Zipper-pockets

Now you sew the zipper-pockets at the bottom.
The pattern says how far away from the zipper you have to sew.

First you pin the pocket, so it lays neat and flat (fold exactly in the middle of the zipper).
Then mark the distance with a pen. You won't see these lines later on the pocket, except for the one on piece B.
On the two photos you see line and seam on piece B.

Here's the problem:
If I mark the 4 seams and compare the bag with the pattern for piece I – they don't match. The pattern says where the seams should be – but my seams are not at these places.

My solution: I sew the first seam on piece B. I pin the 3 seams on the other pockets and compare them with the pattern of piece I.  I move the 3 pinned seams until they match the pattern, then I sew.

I don't know why I have these problems. The pieces B-E are cut perfectly. Maybe the seamallowance (when I do the zippers) is not ok? Hopefully I'll figure it out when I make my third bag!

After that you trim the edges:
First (!!!) pull the zipper-things in the middle of the zipper. Lay the bag on the table, match the lower part of piece B as an orientation-line on your cutting-mat. The bag with all it zippers must lay flat. Take your long ruler and the rollcutter and cut slowly but merciless through everything (pieces, linings, zippers) – best not take you newest blade!  
If necessary finish the job with your scissors.

I didn't take a photo of the cutting – you can see the lines on the mat and I'm afraid the sizes are covered by the copyright of the the author.

Now the bag looks already much more like a bag! The author recommends to stitch the pockets on the edges with 1/8 inch seamallowance. I think it's a good advice, this seam disappears later in the pieces I, but the bag is more stable during the next steps.

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