Ukraine 7 - My Blue Heaven

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I tried the Bonnie Hunter pattern 'My Blue Heaven'  a second time, this time in blue.

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I cut all 864 pieces with the correct ruler and sewed them together as Leader/Ender-Project.

It took me about three quilts – then I lost patience and during two evenings I pieced all the last pieces together. I wanted to see some progress! Not only twosies and foursies...

I wanted to freemotion-quilt this one with my new Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2.

It didn't work.

I tested thread, needle and tension on a piece with cotton-batting. It went well und looked ok.

But as soon as I put the big quilt under the machine, the thread insisted on breaking.

I think the reason is the batting – as the quilt is for the Ukraine, I get the batting from the help-organisation. In this case it was not a used old wool-blanket, but a brand new Polyester fleece-blanket from IKEA.

I suspect the fabric is woven to close to cope with the freemotion-quilting. 

So I quilted it in-the-ditch. Boring, but fast!  And no threadbreaking at all. It must be the batting.

The top and finished quilt turned out beautifully – so always use the right rulers!!



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