Ukraine 10 - Spiderweb

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Another pattern by Bonnie Hunter: Spiderweb.

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I had started that quilt already when I realized that I had not enough different scraps.

So I stopped making more blocks in order to wait until I had more leftovers.

When I was in my favourite quiltshop, I told the owners of my dilemma - they said that they had tons of scraps - would I be interested?

I would!!!

When I came by the next time two huge bags waited for me - scraps in all colours, patterns and sizes. A lot of them were big enough to cut them in Bonnie-Hunter-sizes.

This is the result of several hours of pressing and cutting of one (!) bag:

I cut all the fabric with non-specific colours in 2,5 inch-stripes. I guess I will make a Chinese Coin quilt or a JellyRoll-Race.

But I can sew a lot of more Ukraine-quilts than just one spiderweb with all these coloured stripes!

I started with the spiderweb-blocks. It's so much fun - you don't have to worry about seamallowance, or anything - it's a very fast process!

I cut the first paper-templates out of the telephon-book. It's a lot of work. The german books seem to be smaller than the american ones. Ours are just smaller than the required 8,5 inch.
I tried newspaper-templates, despite what Bonnie says.
I made a lot of blocks now and I starched the finished blocks - so far no ink transferred to the fabric. I'll stick with newspapers! And the tearing-away of the paper later is also easier with german newspapers than with german telephon-books.

One can't recognize the pattern very well as long as the triangles are not sewn together. But I want to wait until I made all the blocks to get more variety.

January 17:

The blocks are done! And I can finally start to sew them together.

Oh well. The quilt had to be quilted. And the given batting was again a veeery thick old blanket.

So the finished quilt is very thick and 'hilly' too.

You can see all the hills on the 2nd photo.


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Comments (3)

  • jann
    at 20.12.2019
    love your quilt! I've always wanted to do a spiderweb...congrats on all the scraps! how lucky you are local quilt shop sells their very small bags!
  • Nina
    at 20.12.2019
    You are so right!! I guess I'm very lucky!!
    at 20.12.2019
    The green background is delightful! Very unexpected.

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