El Golfo

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Between Farmer's Wife and Ukraine 7 my husband asked for a big quilt with a cotton-batting.

He chose a simple pattern, you can make it from Jelly Rolls.

But I had several Fat Quarters in crazy batiks. We added  a few modern prints in the same yellow and green and were done!


The first photos show the tutorial to make the block (two blocks at a time).

I had bought a new sewing machine during piecing the Farmer's Wife blocks. Again a Pfaff, but this time a computerized machine! My very first computerized machine, I had mechanical machines my whole life (actually, I had two in all these years).

The Quilt Expression 4.2 is great. It has a 10 inch space on the right side from the needle, so there's a lot of space to push huge quilts through! And it has so many features – why didn't I buy one before?

For this first quilt to quilt with the the new machine I chose stitch-in-the-ditch. I will do freemotion with the Ukraine 7-quilt.

And now the quilt is finished!! I called it El Golfo, like the bilious green laguna on the island Lanzarote.

It's perfect for these hot summer nights this year.



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