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After Farmer's Wife and Nearly Insane I just had to make Dear Jane. But with what kind of fabric? And in which colours? Farmers's Wife just 'happened', there was no plan. I simply fell in love with the flower-fabric during my holidays in Oldenburg and had to have that fabric. Only much later I decided to use it for a sampler-quilt. Nearly Insane was much more planned, I thought about a colour-system and decided to put the blocks together 'swimming' without another colour for the sashings.

And Dear Jane?
I was sure that again the main fabric had to be one I can't live without any longer :-). Not like Nearly Insane - I searched for months for a dark green that was not 'Christmassy' and I'm still not totally happy with the one I found at last (but still, until today I did not find a dark green I like better, so that's ok). No, this time it had to be a fell-in-love-fabric again. But in which colours?
What do I have at home, what is missing?

During a bycicle-tour in Austria was enough time to think about it. The result: I want a light green for the background and white for the blocks. Let's see what I can find!
I would've loved to visit each and every quiltshop in Austria, like we did on our bycicle-tour through the Netherlands and North-Germany three years ago. The problem: there are almost no quiltshops in Austria. Only in Leibnitz in the south of Graz I found one, but at least this one had a large selection: R&M Patchwork.

I did not find a light green fabric that screamed 'here' - but a bluegreen batique from Wilmington. I've never heard from Wilmington until now, I know only Robert Kaufman and some others.
But I looked it up, it seems Wilmington is in business for several years and offers lots of batiques.
This one is called Washart:

Yes, the fabric is beautiful - but for Dear Jane? Wouldn't a fabric with a more solid appearance be better, a Marbles or something like that?
No - why should it? I searched in the same shop for fabric for the blocks, I like grey as a contrast to that bluegreen. The had the same fabric in three (not fifty...) shades of grey:



It can happen that a light bluegreen scrap falls next to a light grey scrap. So what? I don't want these stark contrasts like I had with Nearly Insane. And I'm sure this quilt will become much more lively because of that batique fabric!

Ok, the fabric is bought and I have the book of Brenda Papadakis. Since Nearly Insane I know how much is necessery to make the papersections for Foundation Paper Piecing all by yourself. Even though Dear Jane has less pieces per block than Nearly Insane in the average.

I did not find a group like the yahoo-group for Farmer's Wife who offers the patterns for download. But there are other sites:

The official main site, which I don't like very much:

the most known, which doesn't help either:      

much better: Susan Gatewoods site                

Susan offers the patterns for download for free. She says: "I only ask that you consider making a donation to the Bennington Museum, in Bennington, Vermont.  And if you do, it would make me tremendously happy if you would tell them that you have received help from me."

Quilters who are also sewing Dear Jane right now:


And now let's begin!


The blocks A-E and statistic

The blocks F-I

The blocks J-M

The construction of the quilt


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