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We are invited to a birthday party, actually to two, both spouses have just turned 50.
We just have no idea what we can give them as a gift.

Okee - how about a quilt? Of course not on good luck. But as a voucher, that should work.
Since we don't want to show up with a piece of paper 'Voucher for a quilt or wall hanging', I make two place mats. Then they both get an idea of what quilts can look like.

I guess both are more into modern design than traditional patterns.

So I searched at Pinterest for 'placemats modern' and found what I was looking for: here.
Unfortunately there is no source at all (I hate that).

How do I get a pattern that I can sew? With this completely irregular layout?
In such a case I always make a hardcopy and insert it into Powerpoint. Then I change the scale until it matches the ruler.
Then I redraw the lines (and can delete the hardopy).
And now I can read the measurements on the ruler.
Here a row consists of the design ratio 3 - 6 - 6 - 3, where each row is 3 high.


Of course, this pattern I can sew only on paper, there is no right angle in sight!
For 2 placemats I need 8 rows.
The mats should be 12 x 18 inch - so I have to glue 4 pieces DIN A4 to each other to get the size.


It was fun to select the fabrics, then I had to cut off enough to sew these irregular angles, but sparingly to avoid throwing away 50% of the fabric.

It worked well, here are the tops:


The everlasting question: how to quilt it?
Here the design plays the main part, so I chose Monofilament.
The design forbids playful freemotion flowers. I chose spirals, they are geometric, but not girly-flowerly.

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