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- and more memories -

This recipient wants only one quilt.
We found a pattern at Pinterest, but without a link to the original pattern.


Of course, the pattern itself was very easy to sew. The squares are 4 inch finished size. I cut squares with 4,5 inch and clipped the corner with the Easy Angle Ruler. The triangles are 2,5 inch finished size, they are bigger than the half of the square. Only then the arrow-line will appear. 
I tried a block and cut the triangles with 3,0 inch, the correct size. But the seamline is on the bias and with such a big block the finished block was kind of wonky and too small. Ok - I cut the rest of the triangles bigger (3,25 inch) and trimmed the block later to 4,5 inch.

Several of the gifted blouses were made of a very thin, almost transparent flower-fabic - not the usual quilt-quality. I was afraid that they would not hold up for the use in the quilt. So I used only 10-15 squares of each. As a result there were not enough squares so the recipient had to choose several Fat Quarters on top.

And I quilted this sandwich quite densely (in spite of the cuddly wool-batting). I don't trust these thin fabrics, I want to secure them as much as possible!



I link this quilt with Cynthia at

and Kathy from  - I stitched the binding and the label by hand!


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