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Yes, I know. Again a bag and no quilt. But right now I'm much more in the mood to sew garments or bags than quilts. Life happens.


During my train-rides I sew the Millefiori-quilt. But on top a started to knit a shawl. I need a bag for that!

And for once Annie's bags are not suitable - too many zippers, too much mesh, too stiff. I need something unlined, something I can crumple or roll, as long as the shawl is not too big. But the bag has to grow with the size of the shawl. And if possible, the needles should not stitch through the bag.
All knitters have that need, don't they? So I searched at Pinterest and found a knotbag as a good possibility.

As my friend (who has been sewing for ages) said: 'oh, the good old knot bag'.

Aha. Well, I've never heard of it before. I'm still new in the sewing business...

And then I started to think. How big? You can find 1,001 patterns in all sizes online. But that doesn't help me, I need the bag exactly for my needles and shawl.

So I experimented: I put 2 pieces of fabric on top of each other and stuffed the knitting inside.
Too small. Ok. I moved the pins.
And again. And again.
At some point I had the size I needed.
I chose batik - the fabric is so hard and tightly woven that hopefully no knitting needle will stitch through.

Then I estimated the height of the handles and these are my measurements in inches:

I used a big teacup to round the edges and that's the finished pattern:

I put all 4 batik pieces on top of each other, the rollcutter can handle that easily.
For the actual sewing I found many instructions on youtube, my friend is really right with 'the old one...'. - the bag is well known!
The easiest method for me is shown in this video.
But actually you have to watch from minute 8:00, until then she only draws patterns and cuts fabric.
The sewing really goes as fast as she shows, the thing is done in no time!

I topstitched the 'neckline', it looks better with the 'armholes'.

Isn't this a beauty??


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