Babyquilt with stars

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My neighbors are about to have a baby. And of course they will get a baby quilt.

They made the decision about the basic colour dark blue-green quickly. But then...

They wanted something like like Shattered, only in several bright colors. Hm. I don't have so many light greens. And the pattern doesn't work with only a few greens. I thought and calculated and discussed with the parents. Then we agreed on normal stars and not all of them bright. My stash is big enough for each star in a different colour.

They left the rest to me.

So I played - all stars in one size are boring. Wildly scattered? Hm. Not boring, but still not exciting.

Different sizes? in a circle? Colours arranged according to intensity? Sounds good, doesn't it?


Then I seriously calculated the size of the stars. 2 inch doesn't work, the center would be only 1 inch. The minimum size has to be larger, that means fewer stars:


I sewed the stars:


and measured them.

Ups. To be able to put everything perfectly together, the star blocks must have the predetermined size. But they didn't, sometimes 1/8, sometimes 1/4 inch too small or too big. Sloppy, but true.

If I just continue sewing them together, I either cut off star tips (would be quite stupid) or the block becomes too small.

The solution: surrounding each star individually with a border-strip.

I didn''t sew the stripe to size, but to match the star tips (I sewed with the star-block on top to meet the tips).

Afterwards I trimmed the block to the next smaller size.

And then I made a new layout plan with it.

As a result, the blue-green area consists of more pieces than 'optical' necessary. But it looks much better!


Before quilting:


For the backing I used the rest of Dear Jane.


And here is the quilt on the front - with and without flash:



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