Tiger in the jungle


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The eternal quilt - it's the only way to describe it. It took over a year for my friend to decide which layout she wanted for this quilt AND to order the necessary fabric in time. Several times the fabric she had chosen was already sold out when she had time to order it.

But now - in November 2018 she managed it! The layout is choosen, I have all the fabric I need and within a week top and back were done.


The finished quilt:


As you can see, I used up the fabrics who fell through during the audition for the backing.


Details of the quilting:

The tigers should get something  unobtrusive, the fabric stands in the foreground. The quilt motive should not distract. Straight lines would be too hard, so I made 'organic' lines. (As usual: click on the photo to enlarge it)


I quilted the same lines for the border:


Quilting-Details on the back:



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