By Annie: Messenger bag

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The next bag: Messenger bag


This one is genius! and beautiful:

I studied the pattern and changed several details.

The inside: Annie had designed the bag in such a way that in the small version (which I made) a netbook or tablet can be transported and held securely by a divider. I don't need it. Instead, I sewed in a mesh zippered bag.

I sewed the 3 mesh pockets at the front as bellow pockets. Annie's standard bags are too flat for me, I can hardly get my glasses in there.

I do not need this - in itself very nice - pen holder in the flap. If necessary I will take at most one pen, for which I have sewn a holder on the narrow side inside.

And last but not least I added a swivelhook for single keys (I need it every now and then).

It was a bit of tinkering in which order I sewed the 'inner life' so that it would not get in the way of the 'outer life', but worked out well.


Changes outside:
Annies says to make quilted pockets on the side strip. I know from experience that these pockets are very tight due to the carrying straps. I tried to make mesh-pockets. It didn't work either.  If they were tight enough to be close to the bag, just a pack of tempos would fit in, but not a small umbrella or something. If they were wide enough for the umbrella, they stood out so much in spite of the elastic binding that I would always have got stuck somewhere. So - no pockets! To cover the raw edge of the carrying strap I sewed a small piece of the contrastic fabric - looks good!

Annie says that in addition to the flap and the zippered main compartment, 2 swivelhooks should be attached to the flap to close the flap onto the main pocket, the main pocket gets 2 D-rings at the bottom for it.

But honestly - how much security do you need and how complicated is it to open the bag? Nope. Swivelhooks omitted.

But - the flap is really flapping. So I sewed in two of those sewn-in-magnet closures afterwards. It doesn't look so perfect in the flap now, but it's not noticeable in the main pocket and it works!


What I would change next time (this applies also to the On the Go bag): if it is a bag with flap, the inner fabric should be 'nicer'.
For the travel bags I always used a cheap bright solid fabric. Works for me!

But these two bags have a flap,  you can see the inner fabric very clearly, the solid light blue in the flap is a bit boring.



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